[Lyrics|Romanized|Trans] Coward (via CNBLUESTORM)

31 Aug

New CN Blue song from new japanese album! I do prefer their korean songs, but their japanese ones are good too. Especially when JongHyun composes them! LOL ^^

[Lyrics|Romanized|Trans] Coward Composed by JongHyun , Kim Jae Yang Lyrics by CUL Arranged by  JongHyun , Kim Jae Yang —————————————————- Coward   臆病者(Okubyou Mono) 生きてるって自分勝手 Ikite rutte jibun katte To live is to be selfish. 壊していくだけに Kowashite iku dake ni If once I break it, なぜか自由になれる Nazeka jiyuu ni nareru I will be free, I don't know why どうしてもっと真直ぐ生きられないんだ Doushite motto massugu ikirare nai nda Why can’t I live straightforwardly? どうしてもっと熱くなれ … Read More


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