A universal ___ song

11 Dec

Have you ever fell instantly in love with a song the first time you listen to it? This is what happened to me with this song by indie Korean band 브로콜리 너마저 (Broccoli, you too?). Is it that just as the title of the song anticipates, no matter the language, it’s an universal song? By the lyrics, it’s sure most people out there can relate to it. By the music, well, I just love it. I heard this song in the drama “Flower boy, ramyun shop” which is great by the way. There is not much info in english available about this band, but I’m just happy I was able to hear this song…. an universal song.

A Universal Song (보편적인 노래) Korean Lyric (with Romanization Pronunciation)

보편적인 노래를 너에게 주고 싶어
bopyeonjeog-in nolaeleul neoege jugo sip-eo
이건 너무나 평범해서 더 뻔한 노래
igeon neomuna pyeongbeomhaeseo deo ppeonhan nolae
어쩌다 우연히 이 노래를 듣는다 해도
eojjeoda uyeonhi i nolaeleul deudneunda haedo
서로 모른 채 지나치는 사람들처럼
seolo moleun chae jinachineun salamdeulcheoleom

그때 그때의 사소한 기분 같은 건
geuttae geuttaeui sasohan gibun gat-eun geon
기억조차 나지 않았을 거야
gieogjocha naji anh-ass-eul geoya

이렇게 생각을 하는 건 너무 슬퍼
ileohge saeng-gag-eul haneun geon neomu seulpeo
사실 아니라고 해도 난 아직 믿고 싶어
sasil anilago haedo nan ajig midgo sip-eo

이 노래를 듣고서 그때의 마음을
i nolaeleul deudgoseo geuttaeui ma-eum-eul
기억할까, 조금은
gieoghalkka, jogeum-eun

보편적인 노래가 되어
bopyeonjeog-in nolaega doeeo
보편적인 날들이 되어
bopyeonjeog-in naldeul-i doeeo
보편적인 일들이 되어
bopyeonjeog-in ildeul-i doeeo
함께한 시간도 장소도 마음도 기억나지 않는
hamkkehan sigando jangsodo ma-eumdo gieognaji anhneun

보편적인 사랑의 노래
bopyeonjeog-in salang-ui nolae
보편적인 이별의 노래에
bopyeonjeog-in ibyeol-ui nolaee
문득 선명하게 떠오르는
mundeug seonmyeonghage tteooleuneun
그때, 그때의 그때
geuttae, geuttaeui geuttae

그렇게 소중했었던 마음이
geuleohge sojunghaess-eossdeon ma-eum-i
이젠 지키지 못할 그런 일들로만 남았어
ijen jikiji moshal geuleon ildeulloman nam-ass-eo
괜찮아 이제는 그냥 잊어버리자
gwaenchanh-a ijeneun geunyang ij-eobeolija
아무리 아니라 생각을 해보지만
amuli anila saeng-gag-eul haebojiman

A Universal Song (보편적인 노래) Lyric English Translation

I want to give you a universal song
A song so general that it is obvious
Even if they randomly hear this song
People pass through unnoticed, just like that

Trivial feelings of back then
Wouldn’t even be remembered

* Thinking like this is too sad
Even if it’s not true, I still want to believe it

** After listening to this song
Would I be able to remember those feelings a little

Chorus: Be a universal song
Be universal days
Be universal matters
Can’t remember the time, the place or the feelings we shared

Universal song of love
Universal song of parting
I can clearly remember
That time, that time of that time

Repeat *, ** and Chorus

Feelings once so precious
Are now things unable to be kept
It’s okay, let’s just forget
I’m keep thinking not, but…

Repeat Chorus

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2 Responses to “A universal ___ song”

  1. Ayesha Rodriguez December 12, 2011 at 9:55 AM #

    Excellent song sis!!!!!

    • abee xoloscuintle December 12, 2011 at 4:12 PM #

      Indeed… great song^^ Anyeong!!! hehe

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