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炎亚纶 (Aaron Yan) – 可能你还爱我 [Perhaps you still love me]

7 Oct

ImageFrom the album 纪念日, which is in my humble opinion an excellent album, this song just stands out. I like the way the music doesn’t drown the voice. I was myself a fan of Aaron the actor and the Fahrenheit member, but I am now a fan of Aaron Yan the solo singer.♥


还记得吗 那年的幸福

曾经 那么相信 未知的未来

你的 喜怒哀乐 习惯动作

头发味道 手心温度

我都记得 所以算是爱情 吧

可能 你还爱我

争吵时候 才会低头沉默

什么也不说 因为怕我会难受

可能 你还爱我

为了让我 怀念你的温柔

才会松开手 要给我自由

还记得吗 漫长的夜晚

什么 话也没说 心跳成巨响

小心 流着眼泪 怕你听见

只能祈求 别背着我

快抱紧我 能抱紧我 吗

可能 你还爱我

争吵时候 才会低头沉默

什么也不说 因为怕我会难受

可能 你还爱我

为了让我 怀念你的温柔

才会松开手 要给我自由


记得 记得 我狠狠爱过

我们 就算狼狈 也不颤抖

呼吸再痛 也不呼救

小心翼翼 藏进我的心中 吧

可能 你还爱我

分手那天 才没那么洒脱

是在提醒我 你不是真离开我

可能 你还爱我

分开之后 还能够常联络

却不曾提过 谁在你怀中



Hai ji de ma Na nian de xing fu

Ceng jing Na me de xiang xin Wei zhi de wei lai

Ni de Xi nu ai yue Xi guan dong zuo

Tou fa wei dao Shou xin wen du

Wo dou ji de Suo yi suan shi ai qing Ba

Ke neng Ni hai ai wo

Zheng chao shi hou Cai hui di tou chen mo

Shen me ye bu shuo Yin wei pa wo hui nan shou

Ke neng Ni hai ai wo

Wei le rang wo Huai nian ni de wen rou

Cai hui song kai shou Yao ni gei wo zi you

Hai ji de ma Man chang de ye wan

tiao cheng ju xiang

Xiao xin Liu zhuo yan lei Pa ni ting jian

Zhi neng qiu qiu Bie bei zhe wo

Kuai bao jin wo Neng bao jin wo

(Suo yi yan zheng zheng kan wo zou)

Ji de Ji de Wo hen hen ai guo

Wo men Jiu suan lang bei Ye bu chan dou

Hu xi zai tong Ye bu hu xi

Xiao xin yi yi Cang jin wo de xin zhong Ba

Ke neng Ni hai ai wo

Fen shou na tian Cai mei na me sa tuo

Shi zai ti xing wo Ni bu shi zhen li kai wo

Ke neng Ni hai ai wo

Fen kai zhi hou Hai neng gou chang lian luo

Que bu ceng ti guo Shui zai ni huai zhong

(Ke neng hai ai wo)

English translation

Do you still remember those years of happiness?

We used to place so much faith on an unpredictable future

Your joys and sorrows, your habits,

The smell of your hair, the warmth (temperature) of your palms,

I still remember it, so can this be considered love.

Perhaps you still love me,

Only during arguments do (you) bend to silence

Not a word is said because you’re afraid that I would get hurt

Perhaps you still love me.

In order to let me miss your gentleness,

You let go to give me freedom

Do you still remember those long nights

Not a word was spoken, heartbeats substituted for sound

Tears flowed carefully (silently), afraid that you would hear

I can only beg you, don’t turn on me

Hold on to me, can you hold me tight

(so you just sit and watch me walk away)

I remember, I remember I had loved fiercely

Even when we were suffering*, we did not falter

Even when breathing became painful, we didn’t stop

Carefully hide my heart then .

Perhaps you still love me,

‘Cause breaking up was not that free and easy

Are you telling me, that you are not actually leaving me

Perhaps you still love me

‘Cause we still keep in contact after breaking up

But you never mentioned whom is in your arms

(Perhaps you still love me)

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131006 Heechul Instagram Update: The reason Kangin got hit- He spilled my crackers.

6 Oct

My men being 5 year old kids… as usual! ♥

Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Forgetting you would hurt more than this.. The reason Kangin got hit- He spilled my crackers. So he got hit by me, Donghae, and Ryeowook-ee. To be honest, recording was finished, but we pretended that we’re still recording, and hit him 3 more rounds^.~ Today’s lesson: Do not spill Heenim’s crackers.

We ordered food, and played rock-paper-scissors, and my best friend Lee Hyukjae lost, so he has to clean everything alone kk he keeps mumbling. ‘Let’s not order any food with soup next time’, ‘I did all the dishes yesterday in the dorm too..’ etc etc kk Ah why won’t instagram allow long videos?

EH: This…
HC: Right now, Lee Hyukjae-
EH: Why would you throw (can’t hear well) away here?
HC: hahahahhaa. Hurry up and clean it up. You lost in rock paper scissors. You have to clean it all up…

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松本 潤…♥

4 Oct

松本 潤...♥

Life ruiner.


동해 오빠 사랑해 ♥

4 Oct
My fishy being if he needed to ♥

My fishy being cute…as if he needed to ♥ {pic cr, on pic]