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131006 Heechul Instagram Update: The reason Kangin got hit- He spilled my crackers.

6 Oct

My men being 5 year old kids… as usual! ♥

Sup3rJunior’s Super Show 5 in Malaysia Project Donation

Forgetting you would hurt more than this.. The reason Kangin got hit- He spilled my crackers. So he got hit by me, Donghae, and Ryeowook-ee. To be honest, recording was finished, but we pretended that we’re still recording, and hit him 3 more rounds^.~ Today’s lesson: Do not spill Heenim’s crackers.

We ordered food, and played rock-paper-scissors, and my best friend Lee Hyukjae lost, so he has to clean everything alone kk he keeps mumbling. ‘Let’s not order any food with soup next time’, ‘I did all the dishes yesterday in the dorm too..’ etc etc kk Ah why won’t instagram allow long videos?

EH: This…
HC: Right now, Lee Hyukjae-
EH: Why would you throw (can’t hear well) away here?
HC: hahahahhaa. Hurry up and clean it up. You lost in rock paper scissors. You have to clean it all up…

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