Sukira (KTR) with Ryeowook [Transcript] – From 131219

20 Dec

I love WOOKIE hahaha ♥

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RW: When I am listening to songs, sometimes I go “Oh, do you like this one?”, situations like this happen, Kyuhyun and I often have situations like this when we hit it off, and I feel like ‘ah, indeed we are both vocalists’. Kekeke, really, you will like the other person more if both of you have the same frequency, it feels like this person is mine…

Guest: I heard your diet failed
RW: SJ had a gathering… We ate so much, we had 3 rounds… The third was (I don’t know the English name but it’s a soup)
Guest: You didn’t eat the fried chicken the other day.. at all.
N: The chicken I bought.
Guest: You just kept staring at it.
RW: I ate lots of biscuits, I didn’t know that I can eat so much.

KTR (Talking about celebrating members’…

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