About me^^

Aby desu!! I’m 25 yrs old, Mexican -American and I love everything K-pop, J-pop, k-drama, J-drama, and yes, I have a thing for oppas (such heavenly creatures!).


A blog to share primarily Korean, Japanese, and perhaps some Taiwanese music lyrics. I started this because I am a total junkie of asian dramas and music. Therefore, I thought it would be fun to share with other people my favorite songs, dramas and Oppas^^ LOL This is the first time I make a blog, so don’t expect too much kekeke.

If I must say so, my favorites are Super Junior [full-fledged ELF!], Arashi, JYJ.

I’m just recently starting to try and romanize Korean songs on my own, so probably some will have some mistakes [mianhae!]. As for Japanese and Chinese language songs, I always put credits to whoever did those lyrics, so please, if taking out, take with full credits!


Hoping to make a nice sharing space! Gomawo! Arigatou! Thank you! Gracias!


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