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18 Aug

From the 1st Shop of Coffee Prince OST, this song is by English (?) band Arco. I think it’s from episode 7, but have to check that. This OST is in my opinion, the best OST for a drama ever made. Almost all the songs are amazing.^^

Every hour, every day isn’t nature denied? in a world where it rains you’re the sun in the sky.
but i can’t bear to see you ‘cos i can’t bear the pain and i can’t heal the wounds ‘cos i still can’t explain
why i feel like an alien not part of the human race when my heart wants to burst at the sight of your face
i feel like i’m suffering from a beautiful disease when your sad pretty smile brings me down to my knees
such a simple thing it should be such a simple thing you can call me confused all that i can confess
is i can’t come to terms settle for something less will i feel this emotion till the day that i die? and go to my grave still wondering why
i feel like an alien…