Choi Siwon

Name: Choi Siwon (시원/始 源) (시원 which is actually pronounced Shiwon)
Birth year, month, day: 1986, April 7th
Height, weight: 183 cm, 75kg
Blood type: B
Religion: Christian
Sibling: a younger sister, Choi Jiwon
Profession : Singer (SM Entertainment, Siwon is a member of Super Junior and it’s subgroup, Super Junior-M) , Actor, Model
First Debut : Dana’s MV “What is Love” in October 2003
Education : Hyun Dae High School (2006), Inha University (majoring : Physical)
Another ability : playing drum, piano, Taekwondo (Siwon is youngest in Korea holding fourth rank in the black belt), Mandarin Chinese language.

Siwon oppa…. well, he was the first Suju I met (or saw keke) and just by his looks he captivaded me. Besides being absolutely gourgeous^^ he is, as the story goes, a very nice and kind person as well, which I believe to be true. He sometimes takes the time to answer to his fans on twitter, on which by the way, he does a vast amount of fan-service, which shows how much he cares about his fans, thing he always says and shows by his actions. He is a devout Christian and I read somewhere that someday he wants to be a missionary… not in love yet? He is the “gestures” man, which is very cute. He acts, and has a goofy side that makes him even more irresistible. He is a proven gentleman. And when he smiles… awww, prepare your hearts for those cute dimples he gets^^




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