31 Jul

I can’t wait to listen to those songs written by Donghae and Leeteuk… both have written very beautiful songs in the past so I have no doubts they did the same this time ♥


The title of the repackaged album is “SPY.” It is scheduled to release August 7.

Credit: kpoptown


01. Sexy, Free & Single
02. SPY
03. 너로부터 (From U)
04. Outsider
05. Only U
06. 하루 (HARU)
07. Now
08. Rockstar
09. 걸리버 (Gulliver)
10.언젠가는 (Someday)
11.달콤씁쓸 (Bittersweet)
12.빠삐용 (Butterfly)
13.머문다 (Daydream)
14.헤어지는 날 (A ‘Good’bye)

Credit: jwon0508

1.Only U (Composer: Leeteuk, Lee Jaemyeong / Lyricist: Leeteuk, Donghae)
2.Haru (Composer&Lyricist: Donghae, Kwon Soonil


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